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How to Enjoy Unsentimental Spring Cleaning Success

spring cleaning

The team at Civic Rubbish Removal in Sydney share their tips on how to clear the clutter, without the nostalgia. Here’s how to leave the sentiment behind and only keep what you need to get the job done well.

Spring has finally sprung for 2016 and, after a lingering Sydney winter that you can’t wait to shake, you’re ready for a fresh start.

As the weather warms up, Eastern Suburbs coastlines become more enticing while you notice refreshing spring fragrances in the air. Suddenly, you have a strong urge to declutter!

Extra junk stashed around your North Shore home is weighing heavily on you like a big woollen jumper and you just can’t wait to take it off.

Spring-cleaning is a satisfying, cleansing, cathartic residential rubbish release that will bring you a huge sense of accomplishment. It’s not only the physical act of throwing away stuff you no longer need, it’s the emotional release of letting go of things that no longer serve you.

You don’t need to obliterate your past in a ‘trash or stash’ frenzy that sees you discard your beloved grandmother’s photo frames. The ideal Spring Clean is simply about prioritising then categorising the things you want to keep for now (or forever) and the things you don’t use anymore.

Sort Into “Love”, “Like”, “Lose It”

If you’re sitting down to a gigantic junk sandwich, it makes sense to separate the items into “favourites” and “less liked”. Lay out all the belongings you think you want to keep side by side. When something you love sits next to something you’re not sure about, it’s pretty clear the “not sure” stuff can get the heave ho.

Do It the Oprah Way

Oprah, the queen of daytime television and proclaimer of top tips on how to enjoy an almost-perfect life, has published a one-day plan to help you get your home spotless without the cleaning mission taking over your life. Oprah’s room-by-room guide advises you create a timetable and set aside a few hours for each living space.

Aim High

According to tips from Style At Home, you have to look up and start tall. There’s no point cleaning floors or lower levels when there’s a risk of having to do it all over again after filth or dust filters down from above. Start at the top of your home, outside then interiors, to wash away grime and allow dust to settle on floors before being vacuumed away.

When you’ve spruced, shined and cleaned your home until it sparkles, contact Civic Rubbish Removal to collect the garbage before it starts to creep back into your immaculately cleaned home and messes with your head. Civic provides rubbish removal services for Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Inner West and CBD, and labour is included in the cost of waste removal.

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